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The lust for red meat finally roused her.  She sniffed the night air, trying to identify scents alien, yet oddly familiar.  Vegetation, with an undercurrent of rot.  Rabbit.  Squirrel.  And there, blood.

A strange wailing far in the distance and the beat of wings overhead thrummed against hypersensitive eardrums.  With a nearly inaudible whine, she crept from her hiding place beneath the leaves, stepping carefully on sore paws.  Her flanks heaved, bones showing stark through her rough coat.

She didn’t know this place or recall how she’d gotten here.  Weird images flashed through her head, of men and machines, stone and metal towers.  Shouted sounds – words? – and the sharp smell of fear came to mind, a memory of sorts.  There were stronger memories, primal, of her teeth tearing flesh, and a taste, the sweet, hot nectar of blood on her tongue.

Again she whined, louder, lost in a jumble of incomplete thoughts, unanswered questions half-formed.  Reason pulled her toward the city.  Instinct drove her away, and so she stayed rooted, until hunger banished both reason and instinct.

The undergrowth rustled, not far off.  Ears forward, stiff-legged, she turned toward the source, her overwhelming need for food urging her to abandon caution.  Uncertain of her abilities, she peered through the brush, her eyes shining orange in the moonlight.  Saliva ran from her muzzle.  When a porcupine waddled into view, she fought the impulse to pounce, forcing herself to seek a less dangerous meal.

Putting her nose to the ground, she followed a rabbit’s trail, flushing it into the open, but she couldn’t sustain the pace needed to catch it.  As her belly rumbled and her legs folded under her, she howled, a long, mournful sound that split the sky with despair.  The echoes answered her, and she raised her head and listened.  Not an echo, a voice calling back to her.  She didn’t know the voice of this beast, but recognized its scent on the wind.  Safety lay in that scent.

A picture formed in her mind, of red-gold eyes surrounded by pale gray fur.  Comfort came with the image, and a word.  Mate.  Willing her legs to obey, she staggered deeper into the wood, stalking the scent that drew her.  She stumbled and rose, pushing her body until she could rise no longer. 

The sun against her face woke her much later.  She lay naked, nestled against a warm chest hard against her spine, legs tangled with hers.  Leaves crackled as she turned, exposing heated flank skin to cool morning air.  She had a fleeting image of thick fur on a lean body as she twined one arm around his neck. He stirred, looking deep into her eyes before his arms cradled her.

“Good morning, love,” he said.  “Welcome to my world.”