Reading Nook

If you'd like to share your nook with others, about once a month or so, I'll be posting pictures of my readers' favorite spots to curl up with a good book. Send me a photo of your favorite place to read ( and tell me why you like it so much.

Mica Rossi

Webster's dictionary defines a nook as a "secluded or sheltered place," which to me is the perfect definition if you put the word "reading" in front of "nook."  My reading nook happens to be in my office, near a light-filled bay window.  My chair is an old, beat-up survivor of four children, two dogs and nine cats.  The seat sags, the blue-flowered fabric is thinning, and yet, that chair is my favorite place.  There is nothing really secluded or sheltered about this space.  It's within sight and sound of my family, open to any wandering child or pet. But once I burrow in with a book, the rest of the world melts away and I'm totally engulfed in whatever landscape evolves on the page in front of me.

Getting lost in a good book is something we've all experienced.  Keeping her readers so engrossed in the story that they're oblivious to anything else is something every writer aspires to.  No matter where your nook is, whether it's a corner in the public library, a lawn chair under the oak tree in your back yard, or a rowboat in the middle of a lake, I hope you'll take me along with you and get lost in my worlds.

Sex, Lies and Scandal

When Mulligan, the town mutt, is seen on Main Street chewing on a human bone, rumors begin to fly in the small ficticious town of Two Rivers, Iowa. Everyone has a skeleton or two in the closet, but despite all the sex, lies and scandal going on, nobody wants to ‘fess up to murder. From the Chocolate Diva of Two Rivers Temptation Company to the skinny-dipping ladies of the lake, there's something in this book for everyone. My story is entitled "The Sweet Life" and involves a spunky heroine, a hunky hero, and French pastry.  Delectible!

Individual stories (including mine!!!) revolving around the central mystery - whose bone has Mulligan found? And who is the killer? For more information or to order a copy, please visit

Once in a Blue Moon

Caighleen is no stranger to ghosts, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night.  Her job exposing paranormal scams makes sure of that. When Finn McHail bumps into her under a moon-soaked sky, his touch sends fire racing along her nerves.  Until, that is, she finds his picture on an internet dating site, his ears as pointed as a one of Santa’s elves.  Incensed at what she believes is a sleazy ploy to attract women, Caighleen sets out to prove he’s a fraud. But love has a way of making a believer out of anyone, and Caighleen soon finds herself falling under the spell of Finn’s elven magic.


Eight 'Til Christmas

A collection of short stories by various authors worldwide, Eight 'Til Christmas is the end result of an effort to give back to the community at large.  Each of the stories is different, unique in the voice of the author, and all proceeds from this book go to Feed the Children, and international organization dedicated to stamping out childhood hunger.  

My contribution to this collection is a story entitled "The Wish Your Heart Makes," and in true fairytale fashion, it takes place in a non-existent castle on a non-existent island in the middle of the Niagara River.  The protag does not believe that Christmas wishes come true, but as he finds out, falling in love makes its own kind of magic.  

Please join the eight authors whose works will entertain, delight or frighten you in helping to eradicate the hunger of children the world over. The book is available on Amazon in print or electronic versions.  Just type in my name, and thank you from the bottom of a child's heart. 

Heart Songs

Every new beginning comes from an ending. Life throws you curves and potholes just when you’re traveling the smoothest and straightest of roads. Whether you live inside a sugarplum fairy tale, a jagged-edged nightmare, or somewhere in between, within these covers you’ll find a story or poem that will resonate to the music of your soul, a three hundred sixty degree sojourn of all our Heart Songs in their infinite capacities.